By checking the confirmation box on the order form, the customer agrees and acknowledges the following:

The customer acknowledges that Geolocarta Technologies Pty Ltd assumes a baseline of no cloud shadow or cloud in the product, but that the presence of cloud shadows or visible clouds in the product may occur.
Geolocarta Technologies Pty Ltd is not liable for any minor cloud and cloud shadow found in the imagery delivered to me.
The customer understands that minor cloud and cloud shadow may occur due to capturing at a level above the nominal cloud base and sometimes minor cloud may appear in the area being captured during the survey.
The customer understands that cloud shadow may occur when cloud is present above the aircraft when conducting a survey.
The customer accepts minor cloud and cloud shadow in my imagery, and the customer releases Geolocarta Technologies Pty Ltd from any liability or responsibility related to the presence of these issues.
This waiver is in addition to and is incorporated into the Terms of Use of Geolocarta Technologies Pty Ltd's software and website.

The customer confirms that the customer has read and agrees to this additional waiver for cloud and cloud shadow in imagery.