This is an experimental feature, please report any unexpected experience to
aid further improvement to your experience

This article shows you how Augmented Reality works in Benchmrk. In Benchmrk for iOS you can navigate to the control you are searching for.

Viewing a survey mark with augmented reality will overlay the location of the survey mark with reality through your phones camera view. We load the defined survey control coordinates and place them in reality in the augmented reality scene.

For the best experience use the augmented reality feature for marks that low positional uncertainty. This will help ensure the point placed in the augmented scene helps you navigate to the actual survey mark location. 

Found a mark with poor quality data?
You can update the mark details through the "Contribute" button on the map view

This feature is a location aware, this means you will only see the AR button the activate the experience when the feature is available at the location of your survey control.

When search results are open, the AR button appears above the locate device button when the feature is available.

Typical Augmented Reality Experience

  1. Search survey control through any of the options
    • Tap on a point
    • Search nearby marks with the carousel
    • Or any of the options in the search bar
  2. When the results tray is open, tap the AR Button above the locate device button
  3. Follow the on screen instructions
    • Accept the camera access
    • Point your camera around the area
      • The goal here is to give the app the best view of the area as possible to work out where it is in the world
    • Once the on screen instructions are no longer shown, the process is complete.
  4. Point your device in the general direction of the survey mark and you will see the point appear in the AR scene.
  5. As you move closer to the point you will see the subject point, this represents the location of the point coordinates in the real world. Best experience comes from using high quality coordinates with low. positional uncertainty.




1  & 2

The start of the AR Experience, this is the screen state at step 2. 


This is the start of activating the AR Experience, follow the on screen instructions until they are no longer shown. 


Step 4 viewing the control point through the AR View


Step 5 Navigate to the control point location